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SAFETY is first, last and always.


Sign in:

It is MANDATORY for all members AND their guests to sign in at the registry at the clubhouse BEFORE going out on the property. Please have your guests pay the $5 fee when they sign in. This fee is waived for a guest visiting the grounds as a prospective member but no range use will be allowed. See a club officer to set up a time to visit the grounds.

Meeting Attendance:

While attending is not mandatory, the outcomes affect every one in the club. We want your valuable input. The meetings are held the first Thursday of the month, please try and attend. The club is only as good as it's members and members should attend meetings to voice their opinions.

Club Maintenance:

While not required, we ask that able-bodied members volunteer some time to help keep the grounds and facilities looking good and in good working order. Any help is beyond appreciated.

Regarding Guests:

From the Grounds and Standing Range Rules - Guest Policy: You may bring guests to the club. Members are limited to one (1) guest on club grounds at anytime. Guests must be sponsored by you, the member, signed in and be accompanied by you at all times. Any misdeed incurred by your guest will be your responsibility. You will be held accountable and your membership is at risk of expulsion. A guest may use the gun ranges if registered by paying a $5.00 fee for a one (1) day guest pass. This fee is waived for a guest visiting the grounds as a prospective member but no range use will be allowed. Your spouse is NOT allowed to sponsor guests. Past or delinquent members may use the ranges ONLY as a sponsored guest as outlined above and no exceptions will be made. General public is only permitted during supervised scheduled events.

General Information:

Please follow all range rules:

Not following the rules can get your range privileges and/or your membership revoked. You can review a copy of the rules Here.

Elwood Conservation Club Bylaws

You can review a copy of the bylaws. Here.



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